Are You Stuck On Making A Fashion Statement Without Breaking The Bank?

November 20, 2017

Here is the place to be ladies, make life that little bit easier. 


One of our favourite trends climbing the accessories barometer, is the Nath (Nose Ring). We're excited to share the fast emerging rage in its most popular styles and how to wear them. The best part, these accessories don’t break the bank!


But first, a little rooted history.  Nose rings are very common in India but they actually originated in  Africa and the Middle East. Borrowed from the latter, it can be safely assumed that the Mughals brought the Nath to India; where it's been adopted into cultural significance; one of which symbolises a  married woman, who needs a ring on the finger when you can be proposed to with a nose ring! 


There’s a special vibe enhanced by the nose ring and bound to fascinate anyone. This ornament has  such beauty and captured the heart of poets and painters while they depicted Indian women and  goddesses; adorned them with nose ornaments and glorified their beauty. So, if your single and ready to mingle, this is a new selfie for the profile pic. Jaldi!


On the release of Devdas, we’ve massively rekindled the love for nose rings. Our bollywood queens; Aishwarya, Madhuri, Sonali and Deepika, have raised the trend on wearing nose rings and nose pins to the next level.


Brides have adopted this trend for a few seasons but the new take on wearing these, is right up our street! Donning nose rings on the daily ya’all, have made them the most happening fashion accessory! Whether your heading out to the bar for a casual catch up or prepping for that all big fat indian wedding; where a potential hubby may also be sniffing out a wifey; leaving the house with a naked nose is a no no! After all you wanna be noticed by him right?


The nation is styling the nose ring with their own quirky take on this. Below are inspiring images  to get you started.



Avoid blindly replicating someone else’s style, be yourself and feel comfortable in what you wear; that becomes your style statement!



Chain-ge it up

This is a great statement style which can look on point when balanced well with other accessories.


Big up da Sassy Kandy

One of our fave’s!  This can get really fun when  experimenting with earrings as an alternative use.

Double Trouble

My Inner Stylist Nation, this is defiantly one look we will be trying at Pretty Heritage, yiks!

To make it your own, mix and match the other options together.

Maharashtrian Bling

Make a song and dance out of wearing the Maharashtrian nose piece.  Embellished in bold colors and mini bells, you certainly won’t go unnoticed. 

Swing From The Chandelier 

Knock the competition out at the crimbo bun fight with the Chandelier. Gurl, you know Vijay has always had  his eyes on you! 


Layer on the bling on one side and you’ll be the only sparkle in his eye.



Pull it off well with a clean, chic attire. 


Don't be shy to share your ideas, comment below. 





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